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While a LinkedIn Basic account provides you several benefits such as …

  • Build your professional identity on the web
  • Build and maintain a large trusted professional network 
  • Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates 
  • Request and provide recommendations
  • Search for and view profiles of other LinkedIn members
  • Receive unlimited InMail messages
  • Save up to three searches and get weekly alerts on those searches

…there are still limitations within it that may hinder you in achieving professional or business goals.

If you’re looking for an effective method of …

  • Gathering lead generation
  • Turning target prospects into paying clients
  • Engaging with key decision-makers and influencers

… then, it’s time to upgrade your account to LinkedIn Premium.


LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription plan that allows you to get more value out of LinkedIn.

It has four tiers, each one created specifically to target users.

  • Premium Career at $29.99/month
  • Premium Business at $59.99/month
  • Sales Navigator Pro at $79.99/month
  • Recruiter Lite at $119.95/month

Read on to gather insights on each tier, it’s target users, and reasons as to why you should switch to it.

As a Premium Career User

Premium Career best suits job seekers and individual professionals wanting to get hired and get ahead of their careers.

So why choose this?

  • Allows you to stand out from your peers and get in touch with hiring managers.
  • Lets you see how you compare with other applicants.
  • Ensures you learn new skills for your career advancements.

As a Premium Business User

Premium Business best suits (new and seasoned) business owners wanting to:

  • Nurture their brand
  • Expand their network
  • Grow their clientele

So why choose this?

  • Ensures you find and reach the right prospects.
  • It lets you promote and grow your business.
  • Helps you develop/enhance your sales and marketing skills for your professional brand.

As a Premium Sales Navigator Pro User

Sales Navigator Pro best suits sales professionals wanting to unlock sales opportunities through generating leads and building pipelines.

So why choose this?

  • Ensures you find the right leads and accounts in your target market.
  • Gets you real-time insights beneficial for warm introductions.
  • Allows you to build trust in your relationships with customers and prospects.

As a Premium Recruiter Lite User

Recruiter Lite best suits HR personnel and managers who want to hire the right job seekers fit for the job.

So why choose this?

  • Ensures you reach the right (and great) candidates faster.
  • Let’s you contact top talents directly.
  • Allows you to build relationships with your prospective candidates.


Using a product won’t make sense or even be meaningful if you can’t benefit from it.

After all, you’re paying money for the subscription, right?

It should at least be worth every cent you spent on it.

So what key benefits can each LinkedIn Premium Plan bring to us users?

Let’s find out.

Key Benefits From Using LinkedIn Premium Career

Possessing a competitive edge brings you a certain advantage over your peers.

This is especially important as the competition in the professional arena grows steeper every time.

In addition to the basic features of LinkedIn Basic, you also get to enjoy the following:

1. Have a stand out Premium profile

A Premium account already improves your profile and, in turn, your standing on LinkedIn.

But what makes it more shining is the gold Premium badge beside your name.

It signifies to recruiters (and to your network) that you’re determined on making connections and developing your career.

So don’t underestimate this little icon.


2. Increase profile visibility

With the badge alone, you brought traffic into your profile!

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn lets you know who viewed your profile–whether they’re recruiters, people you know, or potential connections.

Know that viewing your profile means that they’re interested in you, and having the right connections certainly tips the scale into your favor.

3. Accessible engagements to business leaders

Users trust InMail over basic LinkedIn messaging and emails.

And it has more likelihood to quickly gain responses.

Thanks to that, you can reach out to business leaders in your company and industry.

Which, I must tell you, isn’t something you can easily do as these top executives–key decision-makers and influencers alike–set limits to their privacy settings.

This helps facilitate personal connections, letting you easily build rapport, engagement, and relationships with them.

4. Gain PREMIUM INSIGHTS on job postings

Knowledge is power.

With Applicant Insights, you’ll be directed to jobs that match your career interests, skills, and experiences.

  • Competitive intelligence on current applicants
  • A deeper look into the hiring company, their hiring trends, and their current employees

job posting happy

Key Benefits From Using LinkedIn Premium Business

As business owners, you need more marketing avenues to grow and develop your business that …

LinkedIn Basic can’t provide you.

The main objective is to achieve business goals and reach (and exceed) target revenues.

Investing in this plan will give you the following business benefits:

1. A great starting point for inbound marketing

LinkedIn paves the way for you to market:

  • Yourself and your business
  • Your products and/or services
  • Your business brand

This sends assurance to your target prospects that you’re a credible business.

2. Building block for lead generation

New business owners struggle to find the right prospects.

Thankfully, this premium plan is a great starting point for them to search for their target

prospects through Premium Search.

Although not as advanced as Sales Navigator, it can still provide you with unlimited searches. And it’s filtered according to your preset conditions:

  • Target industry
  • Job position
  • Location
  • Company size and revenue

3. Formation of B2B relationships

In relationships, personal connection is the main reason why it holds for the long-term.

That’s why you must take time building one with your leads, as this helps you close deals much faster.

To do this, start with …

  • Messaging key decision-makers and influencers personally.
  • Showing interest by actively participating in engagements
  • Providing timely and relevant content or solutions to their current problems

invite talk

4. Establishment of points of connection

Merely connecting with your leads isn’t enough.

You also need to build rapport with them constantly.

Here’s the perfect opportunity for you to apply the lessons you learned on effective business communication.

When you successfully do this, you’ll gain an invaluable resource in your hands.

Just make sure that you’ve managed to have real personal conversations with them.

5. Reconnecting with long-term clients and partners

Usually, it takes a large chunk of effort, time, and resources to keep track of your customers and partners.

Even seasoned business owners have experienced this and have understood the impact this had on business management annually.

With this plan, it’ll:

  • Cost you much lesser
  • Allow reconnecting activities much easier.

You can contact them directly. And, due to past working relationships, reestablish the trust and camaraderie you once had.

Key Benefits From Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Pro

LinkedIn is the central hub for the professional community; you’re sure to find buyers and close deals faster.

More so when you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Its main purpose is to help sales professionals …

  • Target
  • Understand
  • Engage

… their prospects in this era of social selling.

Here are the key benefits you’ll get when you upgrade to this premium plan.

social selling

1. Helps you identify the right prospects

Back then, sales reps collected as many contacts as they can just when it comes to prospecting.

But this didn’t get them far into the buyer’s journey as most of these contacts weren’t the right people to connect to.

Thankfully, Sales Navigator narrows the choices down to your target market, preventing you from wasting time, energy, and resources.

2. Gives you key updates on target accounts

As you know, we’re now adapting to social selling.

For you to deliver the right content to the right prospect, you need good timing as it doubles the content’s perceived value.

You can get this from Automatic Alerts, which notifies you of trigger events happening on your

target accounts, prompting you into immediate action.

3. Allows you to builds trust in your relationships

Sales Navigator established itself as the premier partner for sales.

They’ve achieved brand trust among B2B buyers and sellers.

Take advantage of this established trust to forward your professional brand to customers.

Key Benefits From Using LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Employees are your company’s greatest asset.

They’re the multiple gears working together to ensure smooth business operations.

So, as HR personnel, you need a recruitment tool that allows you to efficiently and effectively hire top talents at a much lesser time.


Here are key recruitment benefits afforded to you by this LinkedIn Premium plan.

1. Finding the right talent faster

75% of recruiters were successful in their recruitment process through this plan.

They’ve enjoyed using the 20+ smart and simple-to-use search filters and recommendations to easily find their ideal talents.

2. Engaging with your prospective talent

Reach out to your chosen candidates via LinkedIn’s trusted messaging feature, InMail.

It’s 2X more effective than cold calling and 3X higher in response rates than emails.

In fact, you can access LinkedIn members up to the third-degree connections.

3. Managing the talent pipeline efficiently

This plan ensures that you can save time and resources in looking for your ideal candidates.

As such, you’re able to:

  • Build, track, and manage prospective candidates
  • Streamline your workflow and team activities

4. Nurturing the prospective talent

Now that your prospective candidates are in your Talent Pipeline, you can now keep tabs on their recent activities.

These people are top talents and sought-after by other recruiters. So make sure you’re ready to reach out to them the moment they’re ready for a job change.

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Your choice depends upon your professional or business needs. 

You need to assess your current position and align your goals to ensure that you choose the right LinkedIn Premium Plan.

Remember …

  • Premium Career is perfect for job seekers and individual professionals.
  • Premium Business for (new and seasoned) business owners.
  • Sales Navigator Pro for sales professionals.
  • Recruiter Lite for HR professionals.

And each plan has corresponding key benefits that you can enjoy to the fullest.

For Premium Career:

  • Have a stand out Premium profile
  • Increase profile visibility
  • Accessible engagements to business leaders
  • Gain premium insights on job postings

For Premium Business:

  • A great starting point for inbound marketing
  • Building block for lead generation
  • Formation of B2B relationships
  • Establishment of points of connection
  • Reconnecting with long-term clients and partners

For Sales Navigator Pro:

  • Helps you identify the right prospects
  • Gives you key updates on target accounts
  • Allows you to builds trust in your relationships


For Recruiter Lite:

  • Finding the right talent faster
  • Engaging with your prospective talent
  • Managing the talent pipeline efficiently.
  • Nurturing the prospective talent




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