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LinkedIn has more than 600+ million users worldwide.

Members include professionals and companies looking to expand their network.

It is one of the most concentrated networking sites focused on business.

This is why it is a great tool to use for headhunting or looking for your next life-changing job.

And since the platform is already aware that most of its members are using this to look for their next rockstar employee or a momentous career move, they added features to make it easier.

The question now is how to utilize it to your advantage.

Think of it like fishing.


You already have the best rod (An Ugly Stik, maybe?), the perfect lure, a boat, and even a net.

You’re looking like a pro with all your expensive gears, but you don’t even know how to put the lure on the fishing rod.

It is a waste.

This is why you must know how to maximize LinkedIn’s potential and get the most out of it.

With LinkedIn’s overflowing group of fishes, learn how to cast your net correctly, and catch a prized whale.

Of course, this won’t happen if you don’t have a strategy in mind.

In this article, we’ll teach you the best tips on headhunting on Linkedin, how to do it, etc.

If you’re job hunting, we also included it too.

Recruiter Side

So you’re in Human Resource and looking for the best people to build your team?

Congratulations on choosing LinkedIn as a tool to search for your next best employee.

You understand that it has a deep pocket of professionals waiting for a chance to grow or waiting for a career change.

Check your Company Followers

According to LinkedIn’s research, 58% of people following your Company page are most likely to work with you.

They can be employees, alumni, or people who love your products or services.

And since they are already following your page, that means you already have their attention.


95% of them will most likely accept your InMail message, and from that data, 81% will respond.

With this data on hand, you must learn to take advantage of it.

Because these people are already interested in your company or brand, you don’t need to waste your time going out of your circle to look for that phenomenal employee.

But how do you do it?

Easy. Keep them engaged.

Use the site’s free feature, which is Talent Updates.

Share your company’s open positions, recruiting events, etc.

Advanced People Search

After sorting the crowd that follows your company, now is the time to use LinkedIn’s Advance search.

If you’ve been with LinkedIn for some time now, you’ll notice that this option is no longer available.

But it is.

It is already integrated with the current search bar.

So, all you need to do is put a keyword such as job titles and go from there.

It will give you a list of people, and then you can now do an advanced search where you can filter them.

Filter them by connections, location, current company, past company, school, industry, etc.

Once you have your filtered list, be mindful of your words in contacting them.

Some of them are still employed and not looking for any change.

Send them a private message and ask if they’re open to a new job opportunity.

Make use of Similar Profiles

To unlock this feature, you should be in your LinkedIn Recruiter.

You can save time shortlisting your candidates by using it.

To view similar profiles based on a profile you’re viewing, you must view a candidate’s profile,

On the right rail, you will see 5 similar profiles in the “Similar profiles” section.

See more people by clicking on “More similar profiles.”

Don’t forget your 2nd-degree connections

They are closer to you and have a connection in common.

This will save you time and effort as they are more likely inclined to the field you’re targeting.

Having a common connection is a plus.

You can get information from your direct connection if they are capable of the job.

Post Job Opening

Aside from searching for your ideal candidates, you should also share your company’s job opening.

This is the most basic way to attract potential candidates on LinkedIn.

It allows your connections and target market to be aware that there is a job opening.

Just be sure that the post includes all the necessary information such as required skills, years of experience, and other essential competencies.

Join Groups and further hone into your candidate

By joining a certain group, such as groups for C-Level executives, or HR managers, you can easily target your candidate.

Get to know them, and they’ll get to know you too by getting involved with their discussions.

Joining these groups would allow you to observe their conversations and decide if they are fit for the job.

Since it is a group, it is already ensured that they are in the company’s targeted field.

Job Seeker Side

What if you’re the one looking for a job?

Seeking work opportunities on LinkedIn is now easy.

You can just click on the bag button on the top of the options, and it will lead you to another page where you can search for your next job.

As always, LinkedIn will give you keywords according to your experience and account profile.

They even have an “open for work” template on a candidate’s profile picture.

Here are tips for landing a job on LinkedIn.

Update your profile

Ensure that the profile is up to date as well as the resumé.

Include a photo in your profile because it helps in getting more views from the recruiters.

Lastly, use a tagline that would appear under your name every time you post or comment on the site.

Make sure that the tagline includes essential keywords for your chosen job or role.

Be active

Utilize all essential features of the site to ensure that your voice is heard to show recruiters what you know.

This includes all interactions such as posting, resharing, and commenting on other posts.

Aside from your voice being heard, other recruiters can see your profile too.

Build a Quality Network

It would be in vain if you have hundreds of connections, but none would be willing to help you out.

Choose and build a high-quality network that is capable of giving recommendations.

Be proactive

LinkedIn’s job feature is that you do not have to wait for headhunters to find you because you can find them.

Since most recruiters post job openings, you can easily search for them on the site.

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn is a great tool to use to look for ideal candidates or your next job opportunity.

As a recruiter, you can easily find your next superstar using tools available on the site, such as Advanced Search or Similar profiles.

Don’t forget to also check out the people who are following your company.

They are most likely your “fans” willing to be part of your team.

Post content that your company is currently hiring.

You can use hashtags to further extend your reach.

Join groups and target your prospects.

By joining one, you can also get to know your candidates.

For job hunters, make sure that your profile’s updated.

You should also be active on LinkedIn.

And if all else fails, you can always search for headhunters to hasten the process.

Do you think you still need help on how to headhunt on LinkedIn?

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