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Did you know that aside from making connections, networking, and building your brand, you can also earn money from LinkedIn?

No, this is not a new job that you can get.

Well, you can definitely find job opportunities on LinkedIn if you go job hunting, but…

This is earning through blog posting.

Dave Kerpen, a notable CEO and founder of notable companies like Likeable Media, Apprentice, Remembering Live, and Entrepreneurs’ Organization,

Shared that he was able to reach 16 million views on his blog content on LinkedIn.

And that number of views translated to 300,000 followers, thousands of sales leads, books sold, and more than $1 million in revenue.

His story made me remember Lauren Griffiths and her post about tossing the headshot during this pandemic,

Where most of the people are working at home, blurring the lines between professional and personal selves.

Her post went viral, and after 3 months, it has almost 900,000 reactions with 31,000 comments.

It gained a lot of traction that Good Morning America took notice.

This is why you should post quality content.

Whether you use it as a post or a link to your blog.

The general idea is to boost your visibility on LinkedIn by maximizing every feature of the site.

And here is how you can do it and push the right buttons to make it go viral.

Friendly Tip: Check out our article where we discuss how to make a viral post, HERE.

Your Headline is Vital – Think through it

This is the most vital part of LinkedIn’s engagement.

The headline should promise to deliver value to the reader.


In a crowded landscape, having a good headline will grab the reader’s attention.

headline post

Posts with a good header have a 60% chance of successfully engaging with the crowd.

The content is obviously guided by this headline.

If the headline is ineffective in grabbing attention, then the content would be rendered useless.

Don’t be scared of giving away your tips.

Show them that you’re confident, an industry expert that they can turn to and ask advice from.

If you’re a business owner, try putting headlines such as “Tips on How to Build Your Business from the Ground Up.”

If you’re a recruiter, how about: “The Secret to Finding your Rockstar Candidate.”

Go Straight to the Point

Go straight to the point and write a concise post.

A good range would be from 400-600 words.

This ensures that the content is concise, and only relevant information is included.

linkedin post

One can utilize photos, bold, italics, numbers, or bullet points to add variety to the post.

It’s not a novel you’re writing.

It’s a LinkedIn post or blog.

And did you know you can also use emojis on your post?

Make sure that the emojis you use are relevant, but…

Do not use too much of them.

Friendly tip: We wrote an article about using emojis on LinkedIn; you can read it HERE.

Don’t forget to put “Calls to Action”

Don’t close your post or article without putting a call-to-action.

What is it?

It is you telling them what to do after giving them the information they want.

Finish it by putting two strong calls-to-action (CTA).

call to action

The first is to comment on what they think about the post.

Ask specific questions like, “How do you scan your candidate?” “What is your usual challenge in searching for candidates?” etc.

The technique here is to make your readers post a comment on your post.

It is one of the keys to making your post viral on LinkedIn.

Remember, for every engagement of your connections, it will also get posted on their newsfeed that their connections can see.

A great way to reach out and make your brand known.

The second one is to offer.

Lead them to your blog, webinars, podcasts, etc.

A good example of this is for you “to learn more, click HERE.” Or “Listen to the podcast HERE.”

This second CTA will help you generate revenues and also create brand awareness.

Share it to Other Social Media Sites

For sure, you already know that there are other social networking sites available, and these are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In sharing your post, it allows you to generate more audience.

You should not solely rely on your connections in LinkedIn but employ other social media sites for your benefit.

Don’t forget to also use your connections in the LinkedIn groups you’re in.

Share it for their consumption but don’t just post unnecessary articles or posts.

Make sure that it is in line with the group.

And while you’re at it, get the best engagement by keeping in mind the best times to post.

Blog and Post Consistently

In posting consistently, your aim is to not simply reach a million people on LinkedIn but to reach the right people.


According to data, most people on LinkedIn are “awake” from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Depending on what industry you’re trying to target, they have different times and hours online.

You must learn when to catch your fish.

Posting during holidays or a Sunday is a no.

You may get reactions here and there, but you’re not maximizing the engagement.

Post on Tuesday to Thursday and watch your reactions and reach grow.

Put Variety in Your Content

The goal of this is to impress your audience.

This also creates variety and not just texts.

If you’re in the IT industry, how about if you post a “How to” video about how to make your audio clearer during Zoom calls?

After a video, how about an image that sparks interest in your crowd?

variety ofposts

The goal here is to know what type of content is effective for your target audience.

You may also test out LinkedIn Live.

Friendly Tip: We created an article on how to use LinkedIn Live. You can check the article HERE.

Having multimedia content diversifies your posts.

This is also a part of a good content strategy.

#Hashtags Matter

Expand your reach with hashtags.

LinkedIn has encouraged its users to join hashtag communities.


From #motivation, #linkedin, #digitalmarketing, using these hashtags, you can connect with people interested in these topics.

In utilizing these, it would expand the reach of your posts exponentially.

Establish, Expand, and Promote your Own Professional Brand

Consider yourself as a brand that you portray to potential employers, clients, and customers.

You want to sell yourself in the best desirable manner, so never forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Through proper branding, employers and clients would want to work with you to earn more.

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn is not just there for you to make connections, build your brand, and create awareness.

You can also use it to earn money through blog posting.

You can use it as leverage to make yourself known.

Headlines matter.

Don’t get yourself lost in the crowd.

Create an eye-catching headline.

Be concise with your posts.

Around 400-600 words are enough.

You’re not writing a novel.

Put 2 call-to-actions.

One is to make your reader comment,

And the other is to lead them to your website, blog, podcast, etc.

Share your post on other sites.

By doing this, you can get the most out of your content.

Blog consistently, but you must also learn the best time to post.

Add multimedia content.

This will add variety to your post and let you know your audience as to which one works.

Hashtags matter.

Use to target your prospects who are interested in your topic.

Last but not least, promote your brand.

This will create brand awareness, and a customer or client re-call.

With these steps, you can make money on LinkedIn.

But if you want to have a more in-depth and personalized guide,

You can book a free 30-minutes consulting call with us through our collaboration form below.






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