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The world completely changed after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many countries implemented lockdowns to help stop the spread of the virus.

People are asked and even forced to stay at home to avoid catching and spreading it.

Facemasks, social distancing, and constant washing of hands became the new normal.

new normal

Companies have to pull out their employees and put them on a work at home status.

Digitalization and working remotely are now the solution in order to survive the crisis and stop any economic downfall.

Businesses who are too rigid to sway in the current wind broke, literally broke.

Technology and connectivity became a necessity.

Both employers and employees are now working from home and reporting to work using online tools without any choice.

You either survive and adapt to technology or die.

Online meetings, working at our homes’ safety, and interactions on camera felt like an unwelcome new haircut.

It is something you have to get used to and is a challenge from the start.

But after a couple of months, it is now the new normal workplace.

new normal 2

Google is even implementing a hybrid work model that blends both remote and in-office methods of working.

This means employees still have to report to the office at least once a week.

With this in mind, an internet connection is a must-have.

Businesses, companies, professionals, and even students are now online in order to continue life.

Because of this surge of people, it is no doubt that 2020 is the most connected year, although not physically, but through the connections on the internet.

Everybody is now online more than ever.

This is where social media steps in.

LinkedIn and Ads

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are getting more interaction and engagement.

That is why it is now the best time to use this to your advantage.

Use this chance to target your audience.

LinkedIn boasts of having more than 500 million users from different parts of the globe.

It is a social media network that focuses on business and professional connections.

The reason why it is one of the best places to put up an ad, extend your reach, and build your brand.

It has a wide mix of people, from a young, idealistic student to a hardened industry expert.

As the leading social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn offers various tools to help its users.

Aside from connecting organically, from building your community, and extending from there, you can also use it to further your reach.

It has a feature that will help you tap on your future lead and a potential client.

LinkedIn Ads will allow you and your business to reach wider, more influential audiences.

Think about it like standing on top of a ladder to reach that light bulb.

It is a tool to outstretch your capabilities to engage.

Since you can only go up to 30,000 connections on LinkedIn, you need to get creative with reaching a bigger audience.

LinkedIn Ads are the answer to that.

Continue your growth

So how can you tap on this new potential to grow?

It is accessible in your account.

You’ll see it after logging in to your account and going to “Home.”

Once there, it is below your “Add to your feed” at the ride side of the screen.

It is usually below an ad.

how to target audience

After clicking on Advertising, it will direct you to another page.

This is LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that focus on ads.

No need to create another account; you can use your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn made notable improvements on this feature.

You will have more options and features to utilize for your ads.

This means you have more power in creating a sharper arrow to penetrate your audience.

Since it’s sharper, it will bypass any unnecessary leads and go straight to your target.

One of the most notable features is the switch to objective-based advertising.

Objective-based advertising

This means marketers will now have to option to run campaigns (ads) according to their goals and professional interests.

In other words, you can use LinkedIn Ads to target a specific audience that will base on their need.

If you want to know more, the site itself published a comprehensive guide for audience targeting to make it easier.

But want a simpler guide to audience targeting using LinkedIn Ads, stay with me, and I’ll walk you through.

How to target your audience using LinkedIn Ads

1. Start your advertising campaign

For you to start your advertising campaign, click on the “advertising” button as seen on your feed.

It will open a new tab that will lead you to LinkedIn Marketing solutions.

Once there, click on Create Ad.

You can use your LinkedIn account to log in.

From there, continue to click on “Create Campaign” and fill in the details.

Now is the time to customize your ad objective and your audience targeting parameters.


After clicking on “Create Campaign,” it will lead you to Campaign Manager.

This is where you can further customize your ad.

It will provide you with filters that will help you hone in your audience or, if you want, widen it.

According to LinkedIn, it is best to start with a 50,000 audience size for newer campaigns.

So what kind of customization can you expect?

This feature can let you target your clients based on specific attributes like location, expertise, educational attainment, or industry.

For you to choose the best option, you have to be familiar with the LinkedIn member demographics and the demographics you are interested in.

If you wish to find potential clients in a particular area, you can set your target audience by location.

If you want to tap on people’s shoulders in the tech industry, you can also set them as the audience.

Using this option ensures that the people who will see your ad are within the location you put and within the tech industry.

The rule of thumb here is not to add too many audience parameters.

This will dilute your potential audience rather than having good quality leads.

You can also enable ‘Audience Expansion’ to show your ads to profiles with similar attributes.


Now that it is done, you can now focus on the content of your ad.

Creating that first impression is important.

You have to catch your audience’s eye.

You have around three seconds to reel them in.

Please don’t put many texts in your ad.

Make it simple, and make it count.

You don’t want it to look dirty as it may lose your viewer’s interest halfway.

In LinkedIn, you have the ability to choose the most appropriate ad format.


There are seven available ad formats: single image ad, carousel image ad, video ad, text ad, spotlight ad, message ad, and conversation ad.

Each ad has a different format, such as single ads are by using a single image.

This is a good choice to promote an article or event that will show up in the LinkedIn newsfeed.

Another example is Text ads.

This kind of ad will “create text-based ads and will show up in the right column or top of the page on LinkedIn.”

Whatever your choice may be, whether it be images, videos, or text, make sure they’re eye-catching.

Don’t forget your call-to-action keywords, too, like “try,” join,” “confirm,” etc.

join us

Keep in mind these common mistakes when writing LinkedIn posts as well.

Another tip is to personalize your ads so your target audience will feel heard.

They are more likely to engage with your ad if they resonate with the content.

When everything is good to go, you can now set your budget and add a timeframe.

If you want to optimize your ad further, you should know the best times to post on LinkedIn.

A quick tip is to avoid weekends and night time posting.

After all, is set, you can finally start your campaign.

4. Keep track of your campaign’s performance

Once the campaign is up and running, now is the time to check its performance on how well it connected with your chosen crowd.

You can use the Campaign Manager’s “Performance Chart” feature to track your campaign’s LinkedIn performance.

You will see a chart that will display your ad’s performance.

You can set it so you can see the number of clicks, impressions, average cost-per-click, average click-through rate, etc.

The chart runs throughout the time range that you set.

It is conveniently set that you can see its daily performance.

With this chart available, you can use the information to improve your content further and continue your reach to your preferred audience.

We hope with these tips; you can now target different audiences on LinkedIn.

You can also run other ads at the same time if you really want to target different audiences simultaneously.

The only limit here is your content, and of course, your wallet, as posting ads on LinkedIn is not free.

If you wish to have a one-on-one consultation, or if you want to know more about how you can target different audiences on LinkedIn Ads, we have a 30-minutes consultation for free.




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