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Emojis are a great way to express your feelings, facial expressions, animals, and other objects.

It is a visual representation of an emotion that sometimes words cannot portray.

Another way to communicate in the 21st century.

But the question is, should I use emojis on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is always known as the professional and business networking site.

Usually, hearing words such as professional, business, and networking,

The picture that comes to mind are these businessmen wearing perfectly ironed suits exchanging business cards.

A serious matter and no fun and games.

emoji business


Times are changing.

The emojis can lighten the mood of the emotionless corporate world.

However, a barrage of emojis seems childish and inappropriate as a professional.

These pictograph icons can also help make you look friendlier and grow more popular online.

This can help you get more profile views on LinkedIn, and it can also help you catch the attention of your audience.

But, before you start decorating your profile and your posts with emojis, think about these points if you should put one in your LinkedIn.

Separating Professional from Personal Communication

If you’re looking for a job on LinkedIn or looking for work in general, you may want to veer away from emojis.

Although they look fun, you have to put your best foot forward to sell your skills to your potential employer or boss.

Remember, LinkedIn is your online resumé.

Pro tip: Make your profile trustworthy using these tips!

Showcase your skills, experience, and even tell your story.

Having emojis on your profile means that you do not know the boundary between your job and having fun.

Will you put “Great at analyzing data and numbers 🧐” with an emoji in your printed resumé?

I think not.

It’s the same on LinkedIn, especially if you’re looking for your next career move.

Make it sleek, clean, and professional.

You don’t want your employers to get turned off because you used an emoji, even though you’re highly qualified.

Stop overusing emojis

So you already landed a job? Or have your own business to rule?

Sure, go ahead and sprinkle some on your profile,

But DO NOT overdo it.

Yes, emojis are used mostly by individuals from Generation Z and Millennials, but it’s not an excuse to put it on every end of the sentence.

Again, LinkedIn is not a social networking site; it’s a professional networking site.


business emoji

Using too many emojis on your LinkedIn profile page is read as not being mature enough for work.

If you’re young, you might connect as immature,

If you’re older, people will judge you as trying hard.

Do not make it look like your Instagram profile and put in “🔥🤓 Accountant 🤓🔥.”

That is way too much.

It will make your reader additional time to navigate through your sea of emojis.

Remove the clutter.

Your profile needs to stand out not because of your emojis but with your professional expertise.

What if you did see a profile with that headline or in his About section?

What will that say to you?

Aside from their love of emojis, what’s the meaning of fire and nerd emojis?

The translation is lost and created a whole bunch of unnecessary information.

These emojis could cause visual disarray if added to a message where emotional clarifications are not needed.

It will defeat the purpose of having a LinkedIn account, which is to build a professional brand based on your skills and expertise.

Communicating an unintended message

By using an emoji, you take the risk of being misunderstood.

A specific emoji may look cool to a certain age group but is perceived as rude by older generations.

You don’t want to communicate an unintended or negative message, especially if you have clients from different parts of the world of varying ages.

Here’s a good example:

People in China see smileys differently.

If you put “Good job on your work today. 🙂”

They will see it as a mockery and very sarcastic.

This gesture with all the good intentions will turn into an insult real quick.

The lesson here is to know your receiver.

It may be okay in the west, but what about the rest of the world?

If you’re not sure, it’s better to keep your emojis in the closet.

Reducing negative effect in business emails

A professional message meant to be sent to a client could mean differently if you have put a smiley emoji.

Here’s an example:

You receive an email from your boss saying:

“Please visit me in my office.”

emoji tired

For sure, your brain’s doing 500 kilometers per hour, even faster than a bullet train, overthinking about what you did wrong.

But if your boss sent it like this:

“Please visit me in my office. :)”

It is a sigh of relief with the added emoji.

You might even be excited to visit.

Putting emojis in your emails is like using salt on your food.

It adds extra flavor and adds a little bit of spice.

Going back to Should you use Emojis on LinkedIn,

Here’s the answer,

Emojis will either make you stand out and catch your audience’s attention.

You can use it in moderation as long as you’re not looking for a job or work.

LinkedIn has evolved, and even as a professional, you can gain the respect of others in the process.

One or two emojis on your LinkedIn is enough.

More than that may mean that you are not a person of meaning.

Key Takeaways:

Emojis are a great way to express your emotions, a virtual representation that sometimes words can not portray.

It is fun but using it on LinkedIn is tricky.

You must learn how to use it and when to use it.

You don’t want to come off as immature or trying hard.

You don’t want to get misunderstood and get lost in translation.

Remember, LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

People here want to connect because of the skills and expertise that you have.

Don’t hide it behind all those clutter.

  • Separate professional to personal communication
    • If you’re looking for a job, keep it sleek, professional, and clean.
    • It is not suggested to put emojis.
  • Don’t overuse emojis.
    • If you’re ready to dive in and sprinkle some emojis on your profile, don’t overdo it.
    • Use it appropriately.


  • It can communicate an unintended message.
    • Emojis are not read the same, just like facial expressions.
    • It will depend on the age group, cultural differences, etc.
    • If you’re not sure, skip it.
  • Reduce Negative Effect in Emails
    • Think of it like putting salt on your food. It will add flavor.

So should you use emoji on LinkedIn?

The direct answer is it depends on your industry and your current career standing.

If you’re in the death care industry, do you think it’s appropriate?

If you’re looking for a job, do you think having that emoji is a great asset?

It all depends on these factors.

Use it to gain attention on your posts and articles but do not overdo it.

If you want to learn more about using emojis on LinkedIn, you can book a consultation with us for free.

A no out of pocket cost for 30-minutes to give you a tailored fit answer and help in your LinkedIn journey.




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