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Whenever LinkedIn is involved, it automatically connects with businesses, professionals, and networking.

That’s why it is an excellent platform to use to build and expand your brand.

By surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are also want to leverage the power of LinkedIn,

You’re putting yourself at the forefront of your potential clients.

The question is, how?

There are many ways to do it.

From optimizing your profile, making it trustworthy, eyecatching headlines, etc.,

There are a lot of options on how you can boost your brand.

Learning and knowing which one to use is the question.

Working your way, achieving results, and maintaining it are intensive tasks.

So how can you work smart?

Luckily, there are different tools you can use without sacrificing all your time and energy,

These are automation tools, your best bet in helping your online networking and marketing performance.

But what is it?

Automation Tools

From the word itself, it is a tool.

Using one can help you increase your lead generation, upscale your sales, compound connection growth, etc.

But, if you rely on them too much and push it to the limits, it might alarm LinkedIn’s system and get your account suspended, or worse, banned.

Friendly tip: We wrote about “Are automation tools risky.” Read the article to know the story of Tom and not make the same mistake.

Now, since you already know what automation tools are, let us start.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Not all tools are bad; it is how you use it.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool offered by LinkedIn itself.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It is a great start-up tool as it taps into the LinkedIn database of 706 million members.

Designed for sales representatives, it opened a new door to find the right people for lead generation.

From prospecting leads to building a relationship with prospects to connecting to customers.

Its goal is to create a connection between buyers and sellers through the different features it provides to its users.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator uses a unique algorithm to match you with prospects best in line with your interests.

It also offers sales insights after analyzing all the available information.

This can help you make decisions about future deals.

LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn Helper can automatically send invitations to 2nd to 3rd connections using a personal note.

It also has an auto-responder that you can use to keep in touch with your prospects.

As of this writing, it is now using a second version,

Where users have access to its standalone application or a small web-browser,

Versus the first version with only the Chrome Extension.

LinkedIn Helper

An automation tool that removes redundant tasks such as messaging, inviting, joining, and connecting,

I know it can get boring, repetitive, and can take an immense amount of time.

You can customize your invite connections precisely according to your target audience, i.e., human resources, IT managers, etc.

And will also send an “automated” thank you for connecting message.

LinkedIn helper is comparable to Sales Navigator, with integrations.

Sales Navigator, on the other hand, has 5 times more chance of connecting to decision-makers.


Crystal is one of the pioneers in personality AI.

It is dubbed as the “world’s largest personality platform,” Crystal offers a unique service to its users.

Did you ever hear of the DISC personality test?

D – dominance, I – influence, S – steadiness, and C – conscientiousness.

It is a method of identifying predictable actions and personality traits within human behavior.

Here’s an example:

John wants to take things slow and doesn’t want any disturbances while working on a single task.

Would you sell him a multitasking tool that pops out reminders every time?

I guess not.

This is what Crystal is for.

It tells you a person’s DISC personality insights right on Chrome using an Extension.

With their Chrome Extension installed, you can view your prospect’s DISC personality while you browse on LinkedIn.

Using the information, you can quickly funnel your leads or personalize your messages according to Crystal’s result.

This is a significant advantage when it comes to improving your LinkedIn skills and building your brand.

An easier way to connect and personalize your message that will heavily impact your first impression on the prospect.

Think about it as an ice-breaker with specific content to get on their radar.


Because there are millions of LinkedIn users, an automation tool like LeadFuze is beneficial.

An easy way to understand Leadfuze is to think about it as a search engine for leads.


You can generalize your search, such as “HR leaders in North America,” down to every detail, such as Engineers who worked at Amazon.

This tool can provide you with verified emails, mobile numbers, and other data of hundreds and millions of employees from 10+ million companies.

As long as you’re able to input the correct keywords such as your prospect’s interest or job description, it will generate leads according to the data you put.

Leadfuze is considered one of the top automation tools for generating leads on LinkedIn.

Its all-in-one nature can significantly improve your online marketing strategies.

It can save your time looking and searching for your prospects one by one and lets you focus on making your presentation and converting hot leads.

Meet Alfred

This LinkedIn automation tool used to be called Leonard.

And just like Crystal, Meet Alfred is available as a Google Chrome plugin and will do time-intensive tasks for you.

It can find your ideal target audience using its built-in LinkedIn search.

Customization is one of MeetAlfred’s bread and butter.

You can personalize your request to build a better rapport with your prospects.

It also has an automation feature that can send multiple connection requests and messages in the span of a few minutes.


Meet Alfred can also automatically visit multiple LinkedIn profiles, which notifies the person you visited.

And did you know, this is one of the best strategies for inviting people to your page?

There is a good chance that these people will visit back – which is a great way to build your network.

Meet Alfred also collects data about your connections and engagement patterns to help keep track of their activity.

Key Takeaways:

Automation tools are tools.

Use it with caution, an open mind, and with limitation.

It is still a third-party application that can ping LinkedIn’s system.

Use it wisely and carefully.

You can use it to save you time in building your leads and making that crucial first impression.

  • LinkedIn itself designs LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is a great start-up tool to tap on 700+ million members.
  • LinkedIn Helper offers the same services as LinkedIn Sales Navigator but with integrations.
  • Crystal uses DISC personality assessment to completely personalize and know your prospects. This will give you insight and information about your prospects to personalize your approach.


  • Leadfuze works like a lead search engine. You put in general to specific keywords, and it will generate leads based on your criteria. Information such as verified emails, phone numbers, and other data are available.
  • MeetAlfred used to be Leonardo. It works just like Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Helper. One thing that sets it apart is it also leaves a “footmark” on every profile “you” visit. This is one of the best strategies for inviting people to your page.

If you want to know more about the best LinkedIn automation tool to boost your sales, you can book a free 30-minute consultation with us.

This is where we can tailor-fit your need and give you more personalized advice on how you can leverage LinkedIn in skyrocketing your business.





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