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Ready to test the waters and dive right into LinkedIn’s massive pool of professionals and opportunities?

If so, you’re about to get soaked in information in this ultimate guide to creating a company page on LinkedIn.

Let’s get started.

You may ask, what is LinkedIn?

It is a business and employment driven social networking site.

Launched in 2003, it is commonly used in extending business connections and networking.

It lets professionals connect with other professionals or companies, companies to its audience, or other companies.

By 2016, this platform is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft, and by 2020, it now has more than 700+ million registered members in over 150 countries.

That is a huge pool of professionals and companies who are just waiting to get that life-changing connection.

As the largest professional online platform in the world, signing up and creating a profile is the first step to tap its potential.

Putting your business on the site is not just essential in today’s digitally connected world,

But it is also a great tool to extend your reach, build your brand, connect to your audience, and ultimately get leads.

Let us talk about getting leads.

Think about it; it’s like creating a fire from scratch.

You will need to gather dry leaves and good tinder.

This is where LinkedIn steps in, where you can get your “tinder” to start your fire.

After you gathered enough, now is the time to create a spark.

This spark is either your content, idea, product or something that will spark their interest.

This will then produce a kindling, one of the most crucial parts of creating fire.

This kindle can either need more fuel, such as air or more tinder, to be strong.

It can be a promotional campaign, a heartfelt story, or a good talk.

It all depends on your marketing.

As soon as you get a strong fire going, congratulations, you already have your first client.

This will help boost the company’s sales.

Now, all you need to do is to keep that fire burning and put it ablaze.

If you tend to your fire well enough, there is a good chance for it to spread.

Aside from clients, your next rockstar employee is also right around the corner.

With its massive number of professionals signed in and with doors closing and opening, your company will have an edge in attracting and leaving an impression on your prospect talents.

It is also a great tool for publicizing your company page.

With its deep pocket of professional people and companies from different industries, you can target and pinpoint your audience to get your message across to all the right people.

With that proper introduction finished as to why having a LinkedIn profile is important, let us get moving and help you build an optimum company page on LinkedIn.

Here are a number of tips and tricks to build a strong foundation.

Creating the Page

So how to create a company profile?

After hopping on LinkedIn and getting your account, move to the upper right side of your screen where you’ll see nine square dots in a square, with the word “Work.”

Click or tap on it and scroll down.

You’ll see “Create a Company Page +.” Tap on it and make sure you have the following information: 

  • Page Type – This will tell LinkedIn if your company is fewer than 200 employees (small business), more than 200 employees (medium to large business), if it’s a showcase page, or an educational institution.
  • Company Details – This includes your company name. Make sure that it is unique, appropriate, and easy to remember.

The company name will have 100 characters max and will automatically be your public LinkedIn URL.

You can edit this URL, but we suggest to keep it close to your company name. This will help with the company’s branding.

Include your company’s website if there are any.

    • The additional information you will need to fill out is your company’s industry, company size, company type, the year it was founded, and its phone number.
    • You can also add up to 20 specialties for your company.

These specialties are like your company’s “skills,” such as digital sales, digital selling, LinkedIn Workshops, and the like.

Choosing the Perfect Picture

This is like your company’s face.

You want it presentable, sleek, and professional.

This is one of the first things potential clients and employees on LinkedIn will notice.

It should catch their eye, but nothing too flashy.

It should make a good impression while also making it look smart, sleek, and professional.

  • Logo – Your company’s emblem or symbol. People will use it to identify your company.
    • We would suggest that you have a 300 x 300 pixels image in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Banner – This is the big blank space on top of your profile. It is like a big billboard for your brand.
    • You can edit the company’s banner by clicking or tapping on the pencil icon on the company profile’s upper right side.
    • The suggested size is 1536 x 768 pixels.
    • Like your company’s logo, this banner should also look smart, sleek, and professional, and yet eye-catching and stylish.

After finishing with your company’s profile picture and banner, complete your first impression with a tagline.

In creating a tagline, you should keep it simple, clear, and it should have meaning.

It can also focus on what benefits your prospects will get, or by simply telling a story and captivating them in a couple of words.

Take advantage of the CTA Button

CTA button is located at the top of your company’s profile, just below your tagline.

Interested parties can easily visit your website just by having this setup.

Ready-made call-to-action buttons are available depending on what you need your prospects to do.

It can either be Contact Us, Learn More, Sign Up, etc.

Don’t forget to set your CTA button on after setting it up.

Writing and Connecting with your About Section

The “About” section is where you can introduce and talk to your ideal prospects and future employees.

What you write in this section is essential. Make sure that you use concise, simple, and professional language.

Don’t forget to check your grammar.

So it is easier to read and looks neat.

  • Include information such as your company’s introduction, location, products, values you offer, and the company’s contact information.
  • Put how your audience can benefit from your company. Relay a clear message that includes the essence of your company.
  • You may add your customers’ testimonials or any proof that will strengthen your About section.
  • Think of it as a sandbox where you can build and introduce your company. Anything goes, as long as you make it concise and professional, and it speaks clearly to your ideal clients.
  • Do one or two paragraphs as you’re limited to 250 to 2000 characters in this section.
  • Include any challenges that your company can help solve and the benefits it will bring.
  • Put a call to action. This will tell the people what they need to do after reading your “About.”

Continue the Connection and Make it Stronger

Do you remember the “How to create a fire from scratch” story?

This is where you pacify your kindle and tend to the fire you already built by continuing to engage and stirring the pot.

After making a strong foundation of connections on your page, now’s the time to keep them up-to-date with your company’s activities and promotions.

This is to generate a buzz.

Reach out to them with a good story, share the benefits that your company offers, promote your brand, and make it appealing.


  • Have 1-2 articles per day to keep your audience well engaged.
  • Bear in mind that posting less but with high quality is better than over posting.
  • Make sure that what you’re posting is still related to your company or industry.
  • According to research, the best days to post are from Tuesdays to Thursdays between 10 AM to 2 PM. The reason for this is, LinkedIn is usually checked during business days to connect and expand business or career connections.
  • People on vacation or even on their offs are less likely to check LinkedIn.
  • In order to attract potential employees, you can also post “behind the scenes” of your office, its culture, and employee engagement and recognition.

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