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LinkedIn is a great site to connect with like-minded people.

This place is mostly flooded with professionals, businesses, and companies wanting to leverage the connections you can build on this networking site.

A great platform to build your profile and also your brand.

So how can you maximize LinkedIn’s potential?

By learning the ins and outs and tips.

This includes making your profile trustworthy, using tools, the best time to post, etc.

Now that we’re talking about LinkedIn posts, you must know these 12 mistakes you should avoid in your LinkedIn post.

Posting on LinkedIn is way different than doing it on typical social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Again, your audiences are professionals.

If they want to have amusement, they know where to go, and that is not LinkedIn – a place for business and potential growth.

While we’re on the topic of LinkedIn posts, you should also know the difference between a LinkedIn post and a LinkedIn article that we discussed in this article.

Now that is out of the way, here are the 12 mistakes you should avoid.

Don’t Over Post

Want to keep them updated on what’s happening to your new product you’re excited to reveal?

Sure, go ahead but not to the point you’re already flooding their timeline.

LinkedIn is NOT Twitter.

You don’t need to send a post every single time.

Since LinkedIn is still a “social media” focusing on business, your audience also wants to see other companies’ or persons’ updates and not just yours.

The result?

You might lose the connection you have already established.

What’s the sweet spot?

1-2 posts per day is already enough – remember that.

Add in the perfect time to post that you can learn in this article.

Posting fewer posts but with high-quality ones are much better than over posting to engage with your connections.

Keep them updated, keep them engaged, but don’t drown them and flood their timeline.

Do Not Post Self-Serving Content in Groups that Holds No Value to Members

No one would read a post with self-serving content, especially if it is lengthy.

Here’s a question:

Would you read a LinkedIn post if I talk about myself endlessly, my interests, what I want, etc.?

No, I know that would be boring.

And why would you do that?

Unless you’re looking for a job and you’re posting about yourself and your achievements on your LinkedIn post.

Here’s a tip; people are in love with stories.

It is an innate hunger for story hearing and storytelling.

Use it.


PRO TIP: Check our Storytelling: The Secret Ingredient to Selling on LinkedIn article.

That means you must post good quality content.

Don’t forget what you’ve learned in the first tip – Do not over post.

While we’re on the topic of posting, you must also bear in mind to only publish relevant posts in groups.

It should hold value to members.

Will you post something about agriculture: fisheries, farming, and livestock on an information technology group?

You already know the answer.

And you’ve wasted 1 of your 2 posts for today by doing that.

Make it count.

Do Not Ask People to Like your Facebook Page in Your LinkedIn Posts

Again, you must not mix the two.

This mistake can make you look like an amateur and, even more so, desperate for engagements.

A big turn off.

You might lose another connection by doing this.

Let your audience do it themselves if they’re really into your product or brand, 

Trust me; they are already on Google or other social networking sites searching it.

Don’t sound so desperate.

Knowing the right balance of self-promotion is the best way to go.

Don’t Treat LinkedIn Like Your Facebook or Twitter

We all agree that LinkedIn is a social media platform, but it is utilized to sell from one business to another.

Or to showcase your resumé and land that dream job.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networking sites are different.

These three are more like a peek into your daily life or getting to know you on a more “personal level.”

This includes how you were able to catch a 20-inch rainbow trout over at Alabama to your daughter’s graduation.

LinkedIn, however, is more on an update of your business or product.

This is why you should avoid mixing all your social media networks.

Don’t Lie

This is self-explanatory.

No one wants to be associated with liars, so post only those things and stories that are true, or you have already experienced yourself.

This made me remember the story of “Lyn,” a self-proclaimed coach.

She was able to weave a good story about her past depicting a Cinderella story.

Her story was she used to be unemployed for months and living on unemployment benefits.

She then landed a job as a “corporate slave” in a huge global tech company.

This is where she learned that being an employee will only hinder her success.

She put up her own business and claimed that it is giving her more than she needs.

Her “business” was able to “buy” her own house, yacht, and even a private jet.

She then continues to “preach” and “coach” people on how they can do it too.

So, what do you think is the problem?

It is such a great story, I know.

But a few skeptics who worked for that “global tech company” searched her name and found none.

She was never an employee.

And the yacht and private jet?

It was all rented.

Her “followers” dwindle, and this “false prophet” lost her “flock.”

Which I know you don’t want to happen.

Don’t lie through your teeth.

That kind of “stench” can always find its way out.

Don’t Forget to Include External Links of Your Websites or Blog

No, this is not a link to your Facebook page.

Give your audience a choice if they would want to click on the link to find out more.

This is the perfect time to drop in your personal or company’s site to provide a level of exposure.

This will also help you rank in SEO and make your site look more trustworthy.

Don’t be Lazy in Sharing Links and Updates

I know the sweet spot in posting is 1-2 post per day,

And putting quality over quantity is the best but,

Don’t forget to post at least, 1 per day.

Doing this will inform your engagements about your presence on the site.

And make sure that it has great content and post it in the right group.

Share what is necessary.

Don’t Use LinkedIn Groups Purely for Getting “Backlinks” to your Website or Blog

Being in a group doesn’t mean they’re just there for you to “use” for engagements.

Make sure to also engage with their posts as well.

Put some comments, have a small talk.

Talking to them is a great engagement.

It will establish a “personal connection” and not just being there online.

They may click on your external link as a bonus.

Not Customizing Your Headline

Before your audience sees your posts, this is where your future connections can formulate their first impression of you.

That post headline will catch their attention.

Now, here’s a question:

Should you use emojis?

It depends on your industry, target, if you’re looking for a job or not.

Use it to catch attention and not clutter your post.

Pro tip: Check out our article where we talked about using emojis or not on LinkedIn.

Asking Too Much from Strangers

Use the post feature in a manner to sell yourself, your product, and your brand.

Without being too pushy or that dreaded “self-servicing” content.

Give them a choice if they want to do business with you.

The keywords are: Not to look too desperate.

This is much better than asking them for unnecessary things.

Ask them to like your page, follow your Facebook and Twitter, and then what?

Cook you breakfast, tuck you to bed, and kiss you good night?

Don’t push it too far.

Again, give them a choice.

Don’t Engage in LinkedIn Without Clear Plan and Goals

Planning can make your account more coherent and gives you a sense of credibility in the perspective of your connections.

Create an editorial plan.

Put what you need to post, step back, and read it with fresh eyes.

If you’re the reader, would you give the post an engagement?

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Don’t Assume that LinkedIn is Just for People who are Seeking a Job

You’re wrong.

This is why all people are not utilizing the post feature on LinkedIn.

Being on the site gives you an advantage of connecting to businesses and potentially leads to a potential income.

Don’t assume that LinkedIn is just a site for people to get a job.

Present yourself, your brand, your company in front of other professionals and grow.




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