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Do you have a LinkedIn account?

Are you using this platform for your business?

If you’ve answered YES to these, you are on the right track.

LinkedIn Pulse is important in your LinkedIn content.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

If you want to have more credibility online and build a good reputation, you can publish more online content.

LinkedIn Pulse makes your presence online reach more audiences.

It is an application that takes your online content to a whole new level.

The members of the platform have the ability to share your content with their respective audience.

LinkedIn Pulse is an advantage to give you, and other business professionals get more reach.

It generates blog posts and other useful content that can help your business grow.

The content is tailored to fit each individual’s interests.

You can view feeds that are relevant to what you need for your business to grow.

To get to know more about this feature, here are the benefits when you use LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn Pulse Builds Your Online Credibility

Your content on LinkedIn Pulse makes you visible to your audience.

High-quality content builds your credibility.

Posting your articles here will make your followers trust you more.

Make sure to post relevant and rich content.

Gives Your Brand More Reach

Your rich content, once posted in LinkedIn Pulse, reaches out to more audiences.

It becomes engaging.

It can be shared by many.

LinkedIn Pulse makes your brand more visible.

Makes It Easy to Market Your Brand

You do not have to study content management.

LinkedIn Pulse has a feature in managing your content.

Marketing your posts will be easy with LinkedIn Pulse.

Good quality content is the perfect way to increase your brand reputation.

In order to get more followers, you need to have diverse content.

Most social media platforms work better with diversified content.

The different social media platforms are mediums for you to reach out to your specified audience.

Most professionals use social media but miss ut the importance of LinkedIn.

There are many of you who do not know the potential of LinkedIn articles.

The LinkedIn articles can be posted through LinkedIn Pulse.

Read on to get to know more about LinkedIn Pulse.

And discover how to get more reach for your business.

LinkedIn developers allowed LinkedIn Pulse to be used by LinkedIn users in 2014.

All members of LinkedIn can share their content for audience engagement.

Using this feature allows users to generate blog posts, reactions, insights, and news from others who want to maximize their reach.

Let’s find out all the features of LinkedIn Pulse here:

Lets You Connect with Your Audience

Whenever you post something on LinkedIn, you are sure to reach your target audience.

These business professionals are automatically notified of whatever you post.

Once you share your content, other business professionals also view your posts.

There are more chances of boosting your presence with LinkedIn Pulse.

Your online visibility increases when you use LinkedIn Pulse.

Your posts are easily shared since your connections can see these posts immediately.

Once it is shared, you will have more engagement in this social media platform.

Gives Your Clients Engaging Content

Quality content is essential for your online presence.

Your clients will have a good use for any quality content you post in LinkedIn Pulse.

Professionals are on LinkedIn because they believe in growing their business.

Once you have LinkedIn Pulse, you grow your audience, and you grow your business.

Most of these business professionals interact using your LinkedIn posts.

You also get to follow other influential individuals that are on LinkedIn.

Users engage when you have quality content.

Make your posts matter.

Most of the time, LinkedIn users engage in informative posts.

Most of these professionals engage in posts that are relevant to their jobs.

Markets Your Content

Using LinkedIn Pulse is a simple way to market your content without going out of the platform.

You can easily post content even if you are not an expert in content management.

The platform markets your content through the posts you share.

How to Properly Optimize LinkedIn Pulse:

Yes, you have a LinkedIn profile.

You post most of the time.

But are you optimizing your content?

Here are tips on how to completely use LinkedIn Pulse.

Make Sure to Feature a Keyword

Make your posts more searchable.

Feature a keyword and make your posts SEO-friendly.

Create Catchy Headlines

Capture your reader’s attention with a catchy headline.

It only takes a few seconds to capture your readers’ attention. Make it count.

Create Rich Content

Once you’ve created a catchy headline, make sure your content is rich.

Your content must be worth the read.

It has to answer any of your reader’s questions.

Having rich content makes your posts engaging.

Add High-Quality Images to Your Content

Your visuals matter.

It is not just the content that counts. Images of your content are also essential to make your posts reach more audiences.

Be sure to add images with high resolution.

Make sure these images are relevant to your topic.

Publish Your Content at the Right Times

Know your audience.

Publish content that is sure to be seen.

Most of your followers are professionals. Make sure you publish content during the times when these professionals are likely to engage in LinkedIn.

Timing is everything.

Publish More Often

Be sure to have fresh content all the time.

Once you have a publishing schedule, you better stick to that.

Make sure that you publish often and consistently.

Make Sure to Promote Your Posts

Share your content on other social media platforms.

LinkedIn Pulse already makes your post marketable but do not rely on it.

Sharing your posts will add more reach to it.

How to Use LinkedIn Pulse

Learn how to post in LinkedIn Pulse now that you have learned what it is.

There are two categories to post in LinkedIn Pulse.

One is posting a LinkedIn article, and the other is a LinkedIn quick post.

linkedin content

Each of the posts has a different approach.

They also have different endpoints.

Let us learn how these two differ and how to do the posts in LinkedIn Pulse.

How to Do a Quick Post

A quick post is short and concise.

The post must capture the audience’s attention quickly.

Start with logging in to your LinkedIn account.

Click on ‘Start a Post on your homepage.

Select whether the post should be posted to everyone or to your selected connections.

Then go to the content area and type in your text.

The text does not have a character limit.

Add a catchy headline.

Add the link to your original content.

Your original content can be a link to your business blog or article.

This is a process that’s great to add traffic to your website.

Before posting, add hashtags that are relevant to your topic.

Hashtags are important because they can filter your post to the right audience.

Once you have the hashtags content in place, you can go ahead and make your post live.

Enable the comment section.

Allowing people to comment on your post will help with its traffic.

The more there is an engagement on your post, the better it is for your business.

This quick post method is a great way to do short posts.

It is a way to get an immediate response.

The best way to share images, videos, or article links.

How to Post LinkedIn Pulse Articles

Think of LinkedIn as a complete blogging platform.

You can post a full article here.

LinkedIn Pulse was initially made for posting articles until it got integrated into LinkedIn.

To get started, you log in to your account.

Once in, you can click on the ‘Write Post’ button.

You’ll be brought to a new page where you can start writing your post.

Like any other blogging platform, LinkedIn Pulse has all the features to format your blogs.

Add a catchy title, then create your rich content.

Once you have edited or proofread your article, you can go ahead and add relevant images.

If you need to add videos, you can do so.

Once everything about the article is in place, you can go ahead and publish your blog.

After publishing, LinkedIn then steps in.

LinkedIn distributes your article to the members.

Share your article in groups to have better engagement.

Follow Relevant Content on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse showcases articles on your feed.

You can follow relevant accounts to get more readership.

Based on certain hashtags, the contents that appear in your account are circulated according to its relevance.

You can get more topics for certain articles; just click on the Discover More button.

LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to make your presence in social media relevant.

Your articles will go a long way using this platform.




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