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When it comes to cultivating the online presence of a business or company, LinkedIn is the perfect platform.


With it being the social media network for professionals, it is undoubtedly an effective tool to use for selling.


You can reach and tap its 700+ million users from over 150 countries.


That is more than enough to build your brand and create an online presence.


With its concentrated audience of professionals and companies, you’re one connection away from making a lead and a potential client.


It is like casting a net in the ocean full of fishes.


Since most companies and employees are now moving and operating digitally, most professionals and companies are online.


Its reach is wider and is most likely online during working hours.


You can connect on a Monday, book a call on a Wednesday, present a demo, and then make a sale before the weekend.


It is fast, effective, and efficient.


If you use it properly, it can boost your engagements with your audience, expand your connections, and increase your profits.


Don’t forget that there are also tips on how you can slowly expand, connect, and target your audience.

PRO TIP: How to expand and connect effectively?

Start with your own circle, build a small community of people you know, from there, move to secondary connections with the same role as yours and the same business industry.

The next step is to connect with your role models, as they will have wider connections.

Once you’ve already gathered enough connections, now’s the time to target your audience.

With the number of connections you already have, there is a high chance you and your prospect already have a mutual connection.

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Being proficient in LinkedIn skills is one way of ensuring you achieve your goals as a brand or company.


However, mastering social selling on LinkedIn is the most surefire way to do this.



2020 really pushed most businesses to adapt or get left behind.


The pandemic gave birth to innovations out of necessity and the new normal.


This also pushed companies and employees to work remotely to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus effectively.


Some are moving temporarily until the pandemic is over, some are moving entirely remotely.


This means more people and businesses have now moved online, and LinkedIn is one of the sites receiving those inputs.

social selling

With this surge of people doing business online, will you just watch and miss out

Or take the opportunity to adapt and even prosper.

The next question is, how do you catch them?


This is where social selling comes in.


So what is Social Selling?


This is not a new concept when it comes to businesses.


Typically it refers to salespeople and marketing teams using social media to interact with their clients and audiences.


With social media networks, LinkedIn included, became flooded with people moving digitally, now is the best time to do social selling.


This will help your brand discover connections, build your network, and generate profit.

success brand

LinkedIn is the best place to hone your social selling skills. 


With LinkedIn’s concentrated source of professionals and businesses, all you need to do is hone into your target audience and execute.


If you and your employees can utilize and effectively use a social selling strategy, your business will start to grow exponentially.


It will increase your company’s visibility and attract new clients or buyers.


That’s just one of the many reasons why your company should master social selling on LinkedIn.


An effective social selling strategy is imperative to the success of your brand or company.


Ready to start?


Here are a few tips to improve your social selling and catch people and businesses and turn them into your clients.


Start by optimizing your company page.


It is like your smile, handshake, and your calling card in this online networking event that is open 24/7, LinkedIn.


The first thing they’ll notice is your company’s logo.


Your company profile picture should have a strong, sleek, and professional image or logo.


This is the first thing that your prospects will see.


Make sure it is a 300 x 300 pixels image in JPEG or PNG.

Next is your banner

Your banner will give off a good first impression.


It will engage your leads and potential clients right off the bat.


It will already target your specific audience or crowd.


A great way to connect to your prospects as a direct marketing tool.

PRO TIP: How do you create the perfect banner in LinkedIn?

Make sure to have the right dimensions. You don’t want it to look cropped or squashed.

Personalize! Put your company’s tagline.

Don’t over-design. Make it simple but eye-catching.

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If you check your “My Network” on LinkedIn, the first thing you’ll see is the person or company’s profile picture and the banner.


These two are big factors if your prospects will click on your profile or not.


Aside from that, having a good credible or catchy name can help out.

Once you’ve already caught their eye and went over your profile, the next thing you need to fix is your tagline.


Taglines sit on top of your page just below your profile picture.


This is the second engagement that you’ll present.

PRO TIP: How to make a tagline?

Keep it simple, clear and have meaning.

It can focus on the benefits your prospects will get.

A simple story.

Captivate them in a couple of words.

Here’s the formula of a good tagline:

[Company Name], helping [target audience] to do X.

After your tagline, let us go to your company’s Call-to-Action button.

What is CTA (Call-to-Action) button?

It’s the button that tells your prospects what they need to do.


In LinkedIn, it can either be “Contact Us,” “Learn More,” “Register,” “Sign Up,” or “Visit Website.”

contact us


You can then link your CTA button to your company’s website.


With LinkedIn’s traffic analytics that you can see on its analytics dashboard, you can also see the clicks and traffic you’re getting from the site.

The next on the list is your About Section.

This is the third piece of information your prospects will see.

Your company page is the reflection of your products and your values as a company.

Having a well-curated, professional-looking company page is a big help in attracting clients.

So how do you optimize your “About” section?

The About section on LinkedIn will introduce and talk to your prospects.

You have to keep your “language” simple, clear, and concise.

It should include your company’s introduction, location, products you offer, values, and contact information.

PRO TIP: How to write your company’s About section

You can introduce your company by providing its history and growth.

Include how the audience will benefit from your company.

Showcase the company’s ability to help your prospects solve their challenges and the benefits it will bring.

You’re limited to 250 to 2000 characters.

Don’t forget to put another CTA. Like what they need to do after reading your “About.”


Even though LinkedIn has numerous users, you only want quality leads.


This is why you will need to research your prospects will.


You can make use of LinkedIn’s search options to identify your potential audience and clients.


You can use automation tools for easier, more effective searches.


Building a profile of your audience gives you an insight into what kind of content you need to post to pique their interest.


If your audience is mostly Marketing executives, stick to marketing strategies and content.

PRO TIP: Post at least 1-2 content a day to keep them engaged.

There’s no reason for you to post something about how to cook the perfect pasta.


Again, LinkedIn is a professional networking site.


Using LinkedIn’s other features and tools will give you an idea of the best times to post online to maximize your engagements.


Engaging with your clients is vital if you want to expand your networks and generate more leads and profit.



Building your brand on LinkedIn encompasses a lot of things.


It includes what content you post, what groups you join, and what values you uphold.


To effectively build your online image, make sure your posts are valuable, relevant, and original.

PRO TIP: Do not over post. Posting less but with high quality is better than over posting.

Clients are more inclined to engage with posts that relate to or interests them.


This will also serve as a basis for the LinkedIn groups you join.

PRO TIP: Some LinkedIn groups have a location included. This will help you determine.

The best time to capture your prospects. Rule of thumb: Tuesdays to Thursdays between 9 AM to 2 PM.

Make sure they will help your goals of interacting with your target audience.


Finally, the best way to build your brand is to have genuine relationships with your clients.


A real connection with your audience helps create a community that supports your brand and improves its professional credibility.

community support


We hope with these tips we can help you get the most out of social selling on LinkedIn.


If you want to go more in-depth and have a custom-fitted solution to your LinkedIn needs, we’re here to lend a hand.


We’ll give you a free 30-minute consultation, for free to skyrocket your business.




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