Repair your online reputation fast with the best in the business

Repair your online reputation fast with the best in the business

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Attracts thousands of prospects

Over 60% of consumers say they use emails to discover new goods, and a whopping 80% follow at least one company on the site.

Email marketing incorporates a variety of marketing tools and advanced statistics, making it simpler than ever to promote your business in a beautiful and successful manner, which The Genius Group will help your business.


Supercharges your products or services

Email marketing, the world’s largest communication platform, provides a strong and flexible advertising opportunity.

Because email users are the most engaged of any particular network, 93 percent of digital marketers utilise email advertising on a regular basis to sell goods and services. The Genius Group’s bulletproof campaign using email ads may provide the highest ROI of any type of advertising today.


Track opens and clicks more easily

Through The Genius Group’s email marketing strategy, you will be able to check who opened the message you sent, where they clicked and how long did they stay on your page.

This is one of the main metrics marketers track in order to make sure their campaigns are not only successful but also profitable for you!

HOW WE CAN HELP YOU with email marketing


Create an email marketing strategy

If you’re in the marketing business for a while now, you might have noticed that email marketing is no longer working as it used to. In fact, many big brands are even pulling out of their old marketing campaigns and shifting everything to social media marketing. This brings us to today’s topic: why should you continue using email marketing?

The Genius Group’s email marketing strategy nvolves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, which will all capitalize your loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.


Set up email lists and integrate with other apps.

Through setting up email lists and integration by The Genius Group, your emails can easily be tracked. Email marketing allows marketers to see real-time results (open rates, clicks, forwards, etc.) and measure the success of an email campaign in terms of ROI or return on investment if these statistics are made available by the website owner.

This means that with accurate reporting tools, changes to advertisements may be made based not only on how well they convert leads at present, but also on how well their past performance has converted leads in the past.



Email Analytics refers to the process of collecting and analyzing data related to email marketing campaigns. It allows marketers to identify which recipients opened an email, clicked on links within the email, forward the mail or marked it as spam. This information can then be used to refine future attempts at outreach (i.e., remove non-responsive customers from future emails, etc.).

The increasing popularity of Email Analytics is due in part because many ISPs are now charging based on the amount of “traffic” they handle for any given customer. Since marketers have no control over how ISPs manage this traffic, being able to track statistics allows some degree of certainty that emails sent will be received by intended recipients and not simply thrown away as spam!

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